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Wrestling Fix – Daily Links: Dusty Rhodes almost teamed with Ric Flair, CM Punk celebrates with the Blackhawks and much more

Layla always has us on our knees. Welcome to Friday’s Wrestling Fix — all the links that are fit to click!

WWE is reportedly interested in one of the Four Horsewomen … just not the one everyone wants. [With Spandex]

Despite TNA being late paying its wrestlers, Dixie Carter made a “big play” to sign Rey Mysterio. The Master of the 619 is still expected to end up with Lucha Underground. [Wrestling Observer]

Meanwhile, things don’t sound too hot behind the scenes at TNA. [Cageside Seats]

WWE’s Fourth of July show from Japan will stream live in its entirety, including Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship belt.

Ex-WWE writer Andrew Goldstein recalls the time “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes almost teamed with Ric Flair against the Spirit Squad. How awesome would that have been? Too awesome for Vince McMahon, apparently. [Fox Sports]

Triple H and the NXT roster paid tribute to the Dream with a 10-bell salute.

Goldust (Dustin Runnels) shared his eulogy for his father.

Rhodes’ funeral was covered by the Tampa Tribune.

Terry Funk remembered his fallen friend. [ProWrestling.net]

Johnny Gargano wrestled in a dark match at the NXT tapings … against the artist maybe formerly or currently known as Uhaa Nation. Yes, please!

Speaking of those tapings, don’t click this link unless you want spoilers for the next four weeks. [ProWrestling.net]

The Young Bucks’ Nick Jackson knows how to get out of jury duty.

Vince McMahon sent the NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks a WWE Championship belt. Whoops, I mean title.

CM Punk claimed he tried to get WWE to send one to the Hawks in 2013 but that didn’t go over well.

Of course, Punk was at the parade, working with CSN Chicago.

And the Straight-Edge Superstar had some choice words for fake hockey fan Hulk Hogan. [Yahoo Sports]

Bull Dempsey’s new gimmick: dadbod.

Kevin Owens 2, Machine Gun Kelly 0

Here’s more about the Hulkster than you ever — ever — wanted to know. [With Spandex]

Where do Lana and Dolph Ziggler like to go to celebrate wins? Hooters, of course. Dolph Ziggler really knows how to treat a lady. And, is it just me, or was evil Russian Lana (“crush!”) more likable?

Finally, we give you 22 minutes and 33 seconds of uncensored, NSFW Scott Steiner. See how long you can last watching the Big Baddy Booty Daddy work blue. Well, until YouTube pulls it down.

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