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The Future of Dolph Ziggler and WWE Could Be Up in the Air

Lately, there have been a lot of rumors going around that Dolph Ziggler’s contract with WWE expires in a few months. I’ve heard so many different things about what is going to happen next for the residential show off, so I’m going to give my two cents on the whole situation.

Ziggler has been on the WWE roster for about 10 years now. He’s come a long way in those 10 years, going from male cheerleader to former Mr. Money in the Bank and World Champion along with other reigns as both Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion. However, after a crazy decade years on the roster, most reports are saying that Ziggler isn’t happy with his position on the WWE food chain and is basically asking for a main event push. Otherwise he won’t sign a new contract. So where does he go if he doesn’t get this push?

Ring of Honor? Ziggler has never been an “indy” guy. He hasn’t ever had a large and varied move set like the large majority of ROH talent seems to possess. Not to say that he’s not capable of expanding his arsenal, but it just doesn’t suit him. He’s an entertainer more than he is a technical wrestler. New Japan Pro Wrestling? NJPW isn’t Ziggler’s style of wrestling, I also do not see him relocating to Japan. Yet people have been saying that it is a possibility although I don’t think so.

Global Force Wrestling? Seriously? No. Newer promotion, plus GFW haven’t got going yet as a brand for someone like Ziggler to join. Lucha Underground? Again, just not the type of style of wrestling that suits him and his character. Johnny Mundo may have made the jump (eventually), but I don’t see Ziggler following suit.

So many people are saying that he is heading to TNA after his WWE contract expires. That group is already surfing on rough tides as it is. They are apparently behind on wages for the talent they already have, never mind adding a big name like Ziggler to a very large contract. Plus, would he really jump ship to a show that might not even be around come September?

When you just take a step back and look at it, it’s plain to me that most of these rumors are just people fantasizing about what they would like to happen rather than it being the actual truth. I am 95% sure that Ziggler will re-sign with WWE. Maybe he will take some time off before doing so, but he will re-sign. There is no reason for Ziggler to leave a company that he has given 10 years to, along with a fanbase that adores everything he does in and out of a WWE ring.

If I were a betting man, I would say Dolph Ziggler will stay put and continue to show off, but after the losses of Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk anything is possible.

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