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TNA Slammiversary 2015 Results

TNA Slammiversary 2015
June 28, 2015
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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First Match: Three Way Elimination Match for the TNA X Division Championship 
Tigre Uno (c) vs. Manik vs. DJ Zema Ion

Uno cleared the ring early and went for a big dive until Manik cut him off. Uno fought back and again looked for a dive, and was cut off this time by DJ Z. The third time was the charm as he finally hit a dive onto both of his opponents. Manik took control and got the heat on Uno with a back breaker, and then worked some of his submission game before dropkicking DJ Z back to the floor. Manik remained in control, as they kept DJ Z on the floor. Manik hit the multiple suplexes on Uno, and DJ Z eventually got back into the match and ran wild for a bit. Manik again countered a DDT and then we got rapid fire moves, leading to all three men being down. DJ Z then cleared the ring as they got to their feet, and then hit a big dive onto Uno as he overshot Manik.

DJ Z and Uno battled back into the ring, but Uno knocked him off the ropes and then Manik arrived and got sent to the mat. DJ Z crotched Uno and then they did a tower of doom and Manik got a near fall on DJ Z. DJ Z then hit a top rope hurricanrana on Manik, also landing on Uno and got a near fall from that. Uno then almost dropped DJ Z and hit a DVD variation to the buckles. He then hit a split legged moonsault to eliminate DJ Z Manik then misses a springboard dropkick, allowing Uno to get a near fall. Uno would miss a top rope leg drop, Manik went for a top rope splash and Uno turned it into a roll up for two count. Manik hit a lung blower, headed up top and connected with the frog splash for two count. He was not pleased with the ref’s count there. Uno countered the tiger suplex, hit a German into the corner and then hit what is best described as a sloppy split legged leg drop on Manik for the win.

Winner: Still TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno 

Second Match: Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz 

Godderz says he was stuck with Robbie. Jessie goes on and Robbie’s music hits to interrupt. They go at it on the floor and Robbie works him over against the barrier before rolling him in the ring. Robbie follows and we get the bell.Robbie unloads to start the match and goes for a few early pin attempts. Jessie tries to fight back but Robbie dumps him to the floor. Robbie follows with a splash but goes back in the ring. He goes back to get Jessie but gets thrown into the steps. Jessie with a big slam on the floor. Jessie goes back in the ring as the referee counts. Robbie makes it back in but Jessie stomps away. Jessie unloads with forearms. Jessie with more shots to the face and a two count. Jessie keeps Robbie grounded now. Jessie keeps control and goes for a pin attempt. Jessie with a dropkick.

Jessie shows off and talks trash to the crowd as they chant “you suck” at him. Jessie with a backbreaker and a two count. Jessie with a bear hug now. Robbie makes a comeback and hits a big crossbody from the corner. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Robbie gets the upperhand and slams Jessie on his face. Robbie with a big DDT for a two count. Jessie counters and goes for the powerbomb but Robbie fights it. Jessie powerbombs him into the turnbuckle. Jessie runs into an elbow. They collide with clotheslines. Jessie nails a big clothesline when they get up. Jessie with more offense and a two count. Jessie locks in the Adonis Lock but Robbie makes it to the bottom rope. Robbie counters a move and hits an inverted DDT for the win.

Winner: Robbie E 

Matt Hardy Backstage Promo: 

He said that he’s lucky enough to be remembered one of the best tag team wrestlers of all time but this gives him a chance to show he’s one of the best singles matches of all time. He promises to become the King of the Mountain tonight.

Third Match: Matt Morgan vs. Bram 

Morgan says that it felt good to be back home. Morgan made this a street fight. Morgan controlled early, and they worked to the floor. Bram crawled under the ring and got his turnbuckle and nailed Morgan with it. This led to Bram tossing some of the hardcore toys into the ring  and then used the trashcans on the floor to beat Morgan down. They went back into the ring, and Morgan fired up immediately and then looked for a chokeslam but Bram escaped. He hit the carbon footprint to Bram, who was holding a trashcan and sent him to the floor. Bram would then stun Morgan off the ropes and then looked for something under the ring as Morgan awkwardly sold for a long time. Bram returned to the ring with nothing, and then grabbed a chair. Nope, he went back to the floor and looked again. This felt like it lasted forever, so he grabbed another chair. Morgan fought back and hit a chokeslam onto a chair for two count. Bram hit a low blow and the brighter side of suffering onto a chair for the win.

Winner: Bram 

Fourth Match: Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards 

Aries goes back to the floor to slow down Davey’s momentum. He comes back in and take control briefly. Richards has some words but Aries drops him. Aries misses the pendulum elbow and goes back to the floor for another breather. More back and forth in the ring now. They run the ropes and Richards hits a big dropkick that sends Aries out. Davey looks to be going for a suicide dive but Aries runs out of the way. Davey follows and brings him back to ringside. Davey sends Aries’ shoulder into the steel steps and works him over before bringing it back in the ring. Aries goes right back to the floor but Davey follows. Davey unloads on Aries on the floor. Richards brings it back in the ring and goes to the top but Aries crotches him. Aries sends Davey out to the floor and nails him coming off the top. Aries with offense on the floor before bringing it back in. Aries ends up hitting the big elbow but Richards kicks out at just one count. Richards tries to fight out of a corner but Aries slams him and drops an elbow to the back of the neck for another two count. Lots more back and forth. Richards takes control and gets a close two count.

Aries starts looking around for a tag and calling for Bobby Roode. Richards with a big kick and a German suplex for a two count. Aries turns it around and sends Davey to the floor, following it up with a big dive into the barrier. They bring it back in and Davey stops the corner dropkick. Aries counters a move and gets Last Chancery locked in. Davey makes it to the bottom rope. Richards blocks a brainbuster. Richards goes to mount offense but Aries nails the corner dropkick and the brainbuster for another two count. They trade shots from their knees and make it to their feet. Richards with kicks and a big boot in the corner. Richards with a t-bone suplex. Richards with the double stomp from the top for a close two count. Booby Roode runs down and gets on the apron. Eddie Edwards runs down, pulls him off and drops him. Aries takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Richards up for the win.  After the match, The Dirty Heels celebrate together. Aries takes the mic and says he loves when a plan comes together. He says he out-classed and out-wrestled Davey tonight. He announces that the stipulation for their title match on Impact Wrestling will be a 30-Minute Tag Team Iron Man match.

Winner: Austin Aries 

Fifth Match: The Dollhouse vs. Awesome Kong & Brooke Tessmacher

Taryn says she’s the greatest Knockouts Champion ever and how The Dollhouse is the hottest group of women in wrestling. She disses her opponents and says they won’t be taking her title on Impact because The Dollhouse has the advantage. Brooke Tessmacher is out next followed by her partner Awesome Kong. Taryn starts off jumping on Kong’s back. Everyone gets involved but Kong dominates. It settles down to Kong and Jade going at it with Kong in control. Kong splashing Jade and Marti as Taryn yells from the corner. Brooke comes in with offense but the numbers game turns it around in the corner. Marti slams Brooke’s face into the mat a few times. Marti with a two count.

Jade comes in with a big suplex before applying a bear hug. Brooke breaks it and goes for a tag to Kong but Jade catches her in another bear hug. Brooke finally tags Kong but Marti had the referee distracted and he didn’t see the tag. Kong is ordered out. Kong argues with the referee as all three opponents stomp on Brooke. More back and forth as Kong finally comes in. She fights Jade and Marti off with a double clothesline. Brooke tags back in with a double clothesline off the top. Kong grabs Taryn to pull her into the ring but Marti makes the save, knocking Taryn to the floor. Kong chokeslams Marti. Brooke climbs up with Jade and slams her with the Butterface Maker for the win.

Winner: Awesome Kong & Brooke Tessmacher

Sixth Match: Unsactioned Match 
Magnus vs. James Storm

They brawled into the crowd and Storm countered a powerbomb and backdropped Magnus through a table full of snacks and such. Storm yelled at Mathews at one point because he said he went too far, and then spit on him. Magnus introduced a table after that, but Storm tuned the tide with the low blow. Magnus kicked Storm down and did the catapult so that Storm ate the table on the way up. They brawled through the crowd and then into the back as Earl Hebner repeatedly warned then to get away from the area. Magnus powerbombed Storm through a table in the ring. Storm then fought back and set up a table on the floor. He laid Magnus on the table and drank some beer. His argument with Earl Hebner allowed Magnus to fight back and he laid Storm on the table.

Magnus then missed the top rope elbow from the ring to the table on the floor. Storm took Magnus back to the ring and covered for two count. Storm busted out some powder from hi trunks and Magnus then slapped it into his face, but it also blinded the ref. Magnus got the phantom pin, but as Magnus checked on the ref, Storm hit the superkick for a close two count. Storm failed with the cowbell shot, and Magnus hit a uranage for two count. Storm then used the cowbell and two superkicks and Magnus still kicked out. Storm then got a piece of the guardrail and chairs; making a bridge with them. Magnus ended up superplexing Storm onto the guardrail bridge and only got two count. They both got beer bottles and hit each other at the same time, they then collapsed to the mat and Storm fell onto Magnus and picked up the win.

Winner: James Storm

Seventh Match: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus vs. Bobby Lashley & Mr. Anderson 

Lashley tangles with EC3 for a second but Ethan stalls. Anderson comes back in and they lock up with Anderson taking him down. Lashley comes back in and works Ethan over in the corner. Lashley ends up hitting a suplex and Tyrus grabs him while the referee isn’t looking. Tyrus slams him and Ethan takes over while Tyrus tags in. Tyrus decks Lashley and slams him for a splash and a two count. Tyrus keeps control and hits a big splash in the corner. Ethan tags back in but misses a splash i the corner. Anderson tags back in and unloads on Ethan. Anderson nails a neckbreaker.

Anderson with the Green Bay Plunge but Tyrus breaks it up. Ethan ends up going for a two count that Lashley breaks up. Lashley finally gets a hot tag and unloads on Ethan with throws. Lashley hits the powerslam for a two count. Anderson and Lashley take turns knocking Tyrus around. Ethan gets dropped and rolls to the apron. Tyrus gets taken down with a double shoulder tackle. Tyrus goes on and counters, taking Lashley and Anderson out at the same time. They go on and the end comes when EC3 hits his finisher on Lashley for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus 

Eight Match: King of the Mountain Match for the Inaugural King of the Mountain Championship
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Drew Galloway

Hardy and Roode go to the floor as do Young and Galloway. Jarrett is left alone in the ring. Hardy keeps control of Roode. Young grabs a ladder as Roode brings Hardy in the ring. Young bridges the ladder from the apron to the barrier but Galloway decks him. Jarrett unloads on Roode and backdrops him. Jarrett works over Young in the ring now and backdrops him. Jarrett keeps control of EY. Jarrett does the strut but Roode rolls him up for a three count. Roode is now eligible for the title and Jarrett must spent two minutes in the penalty box. Roode brings a ladder in and gets the title from the referee to hang it. Hardy stop him and the belt goes back to the referee. Hardy and Roode go at it now. Hardy with the Side Effect for a close two count. Galloway comes in and dropkicks Hardy. Roode with a spinebuster on Galloway. Hardy and Roode collide with clotheslines. Jarrett is let out of the box but Young attacks from behind and whips him back into the penalty cage. Young with a three count on the floor and Jarrett has to go back in the box. Young is now eligible. He goes in and gets the title. He climbs up the ladder to hang it but Hardy stops him. Hardy runs over Roode and Young with a ladder. Galloway cuts him off. Galloway hits the Future Shock DDT on top of a ladder to Hardy. Galloway pins Hardy but Roode breaks it up. Roode and Hardy go at it while Young slams Galloway. Jarrett looks on from the penalty cage.

Young works over Roode and Galloway, whipping Galloway into a ladder. Young tosses Hardy head first into the ladder. Roode slams EY into the ladder as Jarrett is let out of the box. Jarrett comes in and decks Roode and EY several times. Jarrett drops Galloway and Hardy next. EY with a low blow kick to Jarrett, sending him out to the floor. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Roode. Hardy pins Roode and he’s eligible. Drew pins EY and he’s eligible. Hardy with a neckbreaker on Drew as Young and Roode go to the penalty box. EY and Roode talk strategy in the box as Hardy and Galloway trade shots on top of the ladder. Jarrett runs in and pushes the ladder over. Jarrett with the Stroke on Galloway but Hardy breaks the pin. Jarrett blocks Twist of Fate and hits the Stroke on Hardy for a close two count. Drew gets the title to climb the ladder as EY and Roode are let out of the cage. They come in and unload on everyone else. They hit a double suplex on Hardy. Roode slams Jarrett and EY comes off the top with an elbow drop on Jarrett. EY and Roode pay tribute to their Team Canada days. EY turns on Roode and hits the piledriver but it’s blocked. They end up on the floor. Galloway blocks Hardy but goes down. Hardy goes to the top but Galloway cuts him off and climbs up. Jarrett runs over and brings them both to the mat. EY and Roode run in to pin Hardy and Galloway. They both must go to the box now. Jarrett is still not eligible. Roode attacks EY and the three go at it trading shots for a minute or so in the middle of the ring. Jarrett kicks Roode and decks EY. Jarrett clotheslines Roode but EY runs over him. EY goes out for the guitar but Karen gets in the way and slaps him. He grabs the guitar anyway and brings it in the ring. Jarrett blocks it and hits a low blow. He picks the guitar up and smashes it over Roode’s head. Jarrett pins Roode and is now eligible for the title. Galloway and Hardy are also let out of the cage. Jarrett tosses Roode in the cage.

Hardy and Galloway end up top fighting on the ladder. They fall down and Jarrett runs into them with a ladder. Jarrett gets the title from the referee and climbs up the ladder. EY grabs him for a powerbomb off the ladder but they tumble to the apron. Jarrett goes for a Stroke from the apron but EY fights him off. EY hits a piledriver from the apron to the ladder that was bridged between the apron and the barrier. Roode is let out of the cage now. Hardy works over EY at ringside. Roode joins in and they all trade shots. Galloway appears on top of the penalty cage. He hits a huge swanton onto Hardy, Roode and EY. Galloway gets the title and goes for the ladder. He climbs up but Hardy meets him on the other side. Hardy nails a Twist of Fate from up high. Hardy climbs the ladder with the title but Roode comes from behind. Roode with a sitdown powerbomb from the ladder. Karen is trying to revive Jeff at ringside. Roode grabs the title and climbs the ladder but EY swings another ladder at him. EY stands that ladder up and climbs. He takes the title and knocks Roode off his ladder. They both fall to the mat but EY still has the title in hand. Jarrett comes in and stops EY from climbing. Jarrett hits the Stroke on EY from the ladder. Jarrett grabs the title and climbs the ladder. Roode and Hardy slowly try to go after him but Jarrett hangs the title for the win. After the bell, Jarrett brings the title back down and has his arm raised

Winner: King of the Mountain Champion Jeff Jarrett 

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