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Wrestling Fix: Sami Zayn doesn’t have a timetable to return, Arrow actor teases working with WWE and more links

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Arrow‘s Stephen Amell teases working with WWE in the future, although his feud with Stardust is up in the air. [Comic Book]

John Cena says the Attitude Era was like “a touring frat party,” and WWE has cleaned up its image. He also talks about essentially playing the role of a superhero. [New York Post]

Sami Zayn says he doesn’t have a timetable to return from his injury.

Mick Foley says Cesaro would make a great world champion … now.

I CHANGED MY MINDI used to think that Cesaro was a guy who would have made a great world-champion in a BYGONE era – a…

Posted by Mick Foley on Friday, July 10, 2015

CM Punk says he wears “as a badge of honor” that WWE management is now hiring indie darlings.

The WWE Performance Center turned two years old yesterday.

Ric Flair doesn’t blame Vince Russo for the death of WCW.

Get your Finn Balor commemorative NXT Championship victory plaque now at WWE Shop.

Patrick tries to put the move on Giorgia to mixed results.

Here’s what it’s like to get coached by Billy Gunn at the WWE Performance Center.

Monday Night Wars: Shots Fired preview with Sting and Triple H discussing the DX sexual innuendo, the difference between WWE and WCW live events, Vince McMahon threatening to fire DX and more.

There’s a long history of vehicle destructions in WWE history.

It’s normal to keep Singapore canes around, right? You never know when you might need one.

Mattel designer Bill Miekina walks through the latest WWE action figures.

Finn Balor talks with Noelle Foley about his first action figures.

William Regal talks about stifling his heel tendencies.

Xavier Woods and Jimmy Uso play Castle Crashers.


Ethan Carter III says he took inspiration from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s example in his WWE release. [Chad Dukes Wrestling Show]

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