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Wrestling Fix: Dolph Ziggler reportedly re-signs with WWE, Eden and Cody Rhodes reality check fans who wanted him to exploit Dusty Rhodes’ death, and more

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Wednesday night means Lucha Underground and Ivelisse Velez.


Dolph Ziggler has reportedly re-signed with WWE … for real, this time. Also, he’s shooting a WWE Studios film,¬†6:42. [PW Insider]

Cody Rhodes’ wife, Eden (Brandi Runnels), has a reality check for fans who wanted Cody to ditch his Stardust character and use his father’s death as a “stepping stone.” [Being Brandi Runnels]

Cody Rhodes posted on his personal Twitter this: “Troubled seeing some people think I’d allow or be comfortable w/the worst thing that’s ever happened to me be exploited on TV for a ‘return.'” He also explained why the “Stardust” name holds so much meaning to him. [Wrestling Inc]

Main Event spoilers. [Wrestling Inc]

And SmackDown spoilers. Don’t click the link if you don’t want to know what happens. [Wrestling Inc]

The Rock’s finger?!? Ow. Or not.

I ain't got time to bleed..

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

Stephanie McMahon tells Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to keep it up. I’d say WWE creative better hold up its end up the bargain.

Charlotte tweets that Monday night was for her brother Reid and Dusty Rhodes.


Snoop Dogg applauds the Boss.


If you liked the NXT women on Raw, tune into NXT tonight for a Charlotte-Sasha Banks title match.

Ex-WWE creative team member Kevin Eck writes that Stephanie McMahon’s involvement in the NXT women’s angle detracted from the debuts of three great prospects. [The Eck Factor]

Baltimore Orioles all-star Adam Jones allowed Todd Frazier to hoist his WWE Championship last night, Eck writes. Wait! WWE didn’t send that to him? Someone get that man a championship. [The Eck Factor]

Blue Pants speaks! [Rolling Stone]

Paul Heyman posts a teaser video for Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins.

A security guard claims he was beaten with a chair by Dean Ambrose or another wrestler. WWE says it has no knowledge of anything like this happening. [Courthouse News]

Don’t have three-plus hours to watch Raw? Catch up.

Or let Between the Ropes take you deeper into Raw.

Kane takes an ambulance ride.

John Cena flames Michael Strahan in a rap battle.

And the Champ wants a piece of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Bret Hart gives Natalya some advice about her father, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.

“The Anvil” signs some autographs with Natalya.

Brie Bella really wants to be pregnant.

Farewell, Gabi. You didn’t know how to cut a promo — or even what a promo is — but … yeah. I got nothing.

Chris Jericho: not great at standup comedy

Farewell, Gabi. You didn’t know how to cut a promo

Daniel Bryan recaps Tough Enough week 4 and is asked to cut a promo on WWE Battleground. His reaction, incredulous laughing and saying “Battlefield.” Uh, Bryan? You’re still the best.

Chris Jericho, Paige and Daniel Bryan praise Sara Lee.

Have you ever wanted to hear Jon Stewart talk about Daniel Bryan? Then here you go.

Rikishi remembers the Usos breaking his good furniture.

CM Punk is in UFC to win it.


What’s a Peacock do to a Moose? Dalton Castle may be my favorite new wrestler. And he should definitely interact with Jay Briscoe more often.

Roderick Strong promises to take Jay Lethal’s title.

Willie Mack is headed to ROH.


Recently released TNA star Gunner is aiming for WWE. [Wrestling Inc]

And Sam Shaw says TNA lacks direction. [Wrestling Inc]

Rockstar Spud is a good dude. [TNA]

How would EC3’s friends describe him? He’d have to have friends first.


he former Curt Hawkins, Brian Myers, wants to be the face of the Force.

Chris Masters remembers the purgatory that is WWE Superstars.

Nick Aldis (aka Magnus) says the GFW crew is dialed in and having fun.

Jim Ross writes that he won’t be a part of GFW at this time. [JR’s BBQ]


Alberto Del Rio (El Patron) says he no-showed a wrestling benefit show due to “personal reasons.”

Pentagon Jr. is coming for you, Vampiro.


If you think NXT crowds are hot … meet Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Mystery Vortex III. Who wants to move to Reseda?


The top five moves of Race Jaxon would probably make High Energy-era Owen Hart happy.

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