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Wrestling Fix: Daniel Bryan says he’s not retiring, Seth Rollins explains Curb Stomp ban, MVP out of TNA and more links

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THE BIG STORY: Rumors swirled yesterday that Daniel Bryan told a radio show that his time was over. Not true. Bryan refuted the rumors on Twitter, saying the interview was “a fake” and “I will be back wrestling.” As long as he’s healthy enough to return — and wrestling won’t affect his long-term healthy — I’ll say yes!

The Dudleys want back in WWE. [Sports Illustrated]

Amy Schumer discusses John Cena and Dolph Ziggler on Fresh Air. Life is surreal. [Fresh Air]

Kane is selling his 780-acre $800,000 estate. No mention of a funeral parlor but there is a big gym. [Fox News]

WWE.com talks to Edge about his role in The Flash. [WWE]

Due to Ryback’s injury, not just the triple threat match is canceled but so has Miz vs. Big Show. Of course, the card is always subject to change. [Wrestling Observer]

How’d Jushin Liger end up in NXT?

New Japan Pro-Wrestling announced that it’d be working with NXT as far as scouting. Also, it sounds like partnerships with ROH, the NWA and Global Force Wrestling won’t be ending. [PW Torch]

Seth Rollins says the Curb Stomped was banned because WWE didn’t want kids trying it at home. [With Spandex]

Rollins also takes on “keyboard warriors.”

Jack Swagger is back on Twitter … with a Bob Marley quote. Weed the people!

Candice Michelle is a mommy.


Virgil wants to be a millionaire just because. [Go Fund Me]

John Cena cuts a promo on LeBron James.

Relive the top 10 moments from SmackDown.

The champ is here.

Daniel Bryan talks about his autobiography.

A fun look at 10 reversals.

Brock Lesnar rips through Rob Schamberger’s canvas.


Tickets to Supercard of Honor are on sale now. [Link one and Link two]

ROH results from Vegas. [ProWrestling.net]

You know what grinds Silas Young’s gears? Guys who take gummy vitamins.


MVP teases leaving TNA.

TNA’s wrestlers react to Bully Ray being in charge.

Why is James Storm wrestling Davey Richards on Explosion?


Cyrus Fees is the Global Force commentator. [Wrestling Inc]

The first TV taping is only a week away.

Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers) isn’t sweating Chris Masters.

Chris Masters says the wrestling ring is his comfort zone.

The Bollywood Boyz shout out Canadian wrestlers.


Go inside the latest event center.

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