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Wrestling Fix: TNA dropping guaranteed talent contracts in favor pay per-appearance, Undertaker on WWE Mexico tour and more

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The Big Story: Bad news for wrestlers in TNA. Guaranteed contracts are a thing of the past for most of the roster. PW Insider reports that “a sizable portion” of TNA’s roster has been told that wrestlers’ monthly guarantees will be dropped from their contracts, replaced by per-appearance deals. So you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

PW Insider says the contracts previously paid TNA talent a monthly fee and then a per-appearance fee on top of the guarantee. For those who are booked, some will now get paid a little more per appearance to help offset the loss of the guarantee. But let’s say you get injured. It doesn’t sound like there’s a safety net there for them or anyone.

Wrestlers who were counting on paychecks may now have to hustle to make up for the loss. This comes amid an exodus of talent and the beginning of the next marathon set of TNA TV tapings.

SmackDown spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. [Wrestling Observer]

The next NXT vs. ROH head-to-head showdown: September. [Wrestling Observer]

Add Undertaker to the October tour of Mexico. [El Universal]

Darren Young’s character isn’t gay, according to Stephanie McMahon. Since when? [The Daily Beast]

Deadspin wonders if John Cena is 2015’s best wrestler. [Deadspin]

The Miami Herald does an in-depth profile on Tyler Breeze, who explains the inspirations for his character in Dodgeball and, of course, Zoolander. [Miami Herald]

WWE doctor’s $1 million lawsuit against CM Punk is moving forward. [Washington Post]

Sunny isn’t a fan of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks … but she does like Lana. [Wrestling Inc]

The Rock’s cousin could be debuting in NXT soon.


Between the Ropes’ Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman recap Raw.

The top 10 moments from Raw are …

Jon Stewart geeks out over the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

Dean Ambrose’s Kansas City morning-show appearances are the thing of legend. You owe us a broken leg — a Bray Wyatt broken leg — via Indian deathlock, Dean.

The Demon’s reign begins tonight.

Batista’s next opponent … Bond. James Bond.

The Lana-Rusev-Summer Rae love triangle won’t end.



John Cena’s swag explained.

And go behind the scenes as he grants one of hundreds of wishes.


Big Show chops the Tough Enough contestants. At least Patrick sold it.

It didn’t save Patrick though.

Chris Jericho gives Patrick some advice.

Mick Foley isn’t happy about Patrick’s elimination.

Jericho wants ZZ to work out.


Ring of Honor
ROH isn’t happy about Global Force Wrestling allegedly advertising its talent in TV and radio ads. You want a war? You got a cease and desist letter. [PW Insider]


What would TNA wrestlers do if they were independently wealthy? Uh, maybe it’s not the time to talk money, TNA.


Global Force Wrestling
Booby Roode is coming for the GFW Championship.

PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) explains his Darewolf character — and it has something to do with Twilight.

Sonjay Dutt says fans want action.


Get to know the moves of Fire Ant.

Wrestling ice cream!

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