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Wrestling Fix: WWE severing ties with Hulk Hogan? Daniel Bryan’s doctor clears him but WWE’s have not and more links

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The Big Story: WWE and Hulk Hogan may be splitting up. The Wrestling Observer reports that all references to Hogan have been scrubbed from WWE.com, his merchandise has been pulled from WWE Shop and he’s no longer listed as a Tough Enough judge. Hogan’s profiles on the website are locked down.

The question is why? It’s unclear. Cageside Seats strongly stresses this is a rumor but reports that a media outlet is on the verge of releasing audio “of Hogan making comments that are racist in nature.”

Hogan posted this cryptic tweet early this morning.

And CM Punk weighs in.

And this extends beyond Hogan: The Observer says Curtis Axel has been told his Axelmania gimmick is dead.


Daniel Bryan says his doctor in Arizona has cleared him but WWE doctors have not. He also teases going elsewhere to ply his craft if WWE won’t let him back in the ring. But he hopes to return by the Royal Rumble. [Cageside Seats 1 and Cageside Seats 2]

Bryan told Between the Ropes’ Brian Fritz that he believes he’s won over Vince McMahon to a degree, but he also doesn’t believe the boss seems him as a main eventer. [Sporting News]

Fritz also interviews Bryan — and recently ousted Tough Enough contestant Patrick — here.

Bryan also dropped by the Cheap Heat podcast.

Here’s the latest CM Punk interview with Ariel Helwani.

Add Hulk Hogan (well, maybe), Andre the Giant, the Rock, Triple H and Alexa Bliss to the WWE 2k16 roster. [SEScoops]

John Cena tells the story of his mom. [Entertainment Weekly]

Amy Schumer gives more details on her sex scene with John Cena, who may be Eskimo brothers with Dolph Ziggler. Or not.

The Rock is in a Baywatch film. [Variety]

Vince McMahon is a hard guy to work for. [Cageside Seats]

Bully Ray says he pulled himself off of the NXT Philadelphia shows in May due to an eardrum injury. [Wrestling Observer]

Next week is Kliq Week on the WWE Network.

Don’t know Sasha Banks? Get to know the Boss.

Cesaro says Kevin Owens is jealous.

The Swiss Superman is headed to Tough Enough.

The Prime Time Players are hanging out at the University of Nebraska.

CM Punk isn’t amused by Virgil.

Iggy Azalea is a fan of Tough Enough.


And NXT has a new broadcaster.


New Japan Pro-Wrestling
The latest from the G-1 Climax series, recapped.


Miss Impact. Catch up in a minute.

Kurt Angle has a long list of wrestlers with whom he’d like to wrestle before retiring but chief among them is Daniel Bryan. [Kurt Angle]

More TNA spoilers. [Wrestling Observer]


Lucha Underground
Highlights of Wednesday’s show, which looks amazing


Here’s the tease for TripleMania XIII.


Jim Ross plugs this weekend’s Charlotte Fanfest.

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