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Alexa Bliss celebrates with her current clients, but should she add more?

Alexa Bliss Is The Throwback Valet The WWE Needs

Being an effective manager or valet in professional wrestling is a lost art. The WWE has started to bring managers back into the fold more in the past few years, but it is nothing like years past.

Paul Heyman is arguably the best speaker in the business, but he is an “advocate” of one. It works to tremendous effect, but he isn’t a typical manager. He transcends. That is great, but overall it still leaves the hole on the roster of being a good manager. Lana did well in her work as Rusev’s valet and voice, but she is currently a one-dimensional character.

Alexa Bliss could fill this hole on the roster if given the chance. Her work since turning heel has been exemplary.

As a worker, Bliss was less-than-stellar. In part because she was still very green, and learning – which is what NXT and the Performance Center are for – but also because her character just didn’t connect with fans. Bliss’ character just didn’t work for whatever reason. When she made her heel turn to help Blake & Murphy the pieces came together.

Bliss has been, in my opinion, the best manager or valet in the entire WWE over the past few months. Yes, better than Paul Heyman.

She is not cutting Heyman-like promos, but she doesn’t have to. What she has been doing as a heel in helping her team retain the tag team gold has worked to great effect. She is the linchpin in their title run meaning something. She is the key to their continued success.

How can the WWE continue to utilize Bliss as the premiere valet? In the coming 12-24 months, they need to bring her to the main roster. From there they should establish a stable around Bliss. And, no, this stable should not be like the NWO or Degeneration-X. I am talking about a throwback stable the likes of Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart.

In the heyday of the manager, each member of the stable didn’t have to be connected at the hip. The manager, well, managed multiple clients. Bliss can bring this managerial style back.

There are several members of the WWE roster that are just stagnant. They need a spark. They need something fresh and new. Bliss could be that beacon for their career.

Bliss could have a stable of five or six workers that she manages on a weekly basis.

Long-term it also helps set up necessary mid-card feuds. Remember when Hercules left Heenan and had an on-going feud with “The Brian”? It wasn’t a top-tier drawing program, but it gave fans something more to care about on the undercard. The WWE can bring that back with a jilted client who leaves Bliss.

Alexa Bliss is doing a phenomenal job at NXT, but the potential for her character is so incredibly valuable. WWE brass should recognize what they have and give her the chance to help give the mid-card scene some meaning that it most certainly lacks right now. Her future heel stable could be a fun, classic throwback program many of us could enjoy. It could also help elevate a talented worker who has just hit the doldrums.

Until then, we will just enjoy the amazing work she is doing at NXT. Alexa Bliss may be the surprise star of 2015.

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