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Stone Cold Podcast On WWE Network With Paige

Austin: What’s your thoughts on your match tonight? 

Paige: She said it was cool yet said she’s her biggest critic. Austin said they both swear a lot and this should be an Unleashed show. Paige confessed she swears in the ring and has to apologize for it.

Austin: Tell us about your family? 

Paige: She noted that her brother wrestles and another brother is a referee. Paige said she was afraid of the violence because her mom was blinded six months into the business. She said she was one of the kids who tried to get inside the ring because she was so worked up.

Austin: Did your parents smartened you up? 

Paige: Paige said not when she was young, but eventually she told them she knows what it is. She said she got knocked out when she got in the ring, but she doesn’t remember what knocked her out. She guessed she didn’t tuck her chin while taking a bump.

Paige: Paige said she wanted to be like Lita and Bull Nakano. Paige spoke about being trained by her mom, and Robbie Brookside press slamming his mother. Paige said she has scoliosis. She said she didn’t have any idea she had it until one of the trainers at NXT noticed it. She said she got an X-ray that showed she has a question mark-like spine. She said it could give her problems down the line.

Austin: Tell us about your family docuementary “The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family”?

Paige: She spoke about her family and said the idea was to show them leading up to her tryout and perhaps the film would have a happy ending if she got in.

Austin: Describe your experience being a bartender and bouncer? 

Paige: She laughed and talked about how her parents would go away and leave her in charge of the bar at age 15. She said she headlocked one guy, and pinned another guy up against a wall.

Twitter Question: Which Diva or Superstars did Paige look up to as a kid? 

Paige: Paige said the best part of her family’s promotion is that American wrestlers would come over. She spoke about meeting Jake Roberts, The Bushwhackers, and Yokozuna. Paige said she looked up to Bull Nakano and said she modified her finisher to use as her own. She also liked Lita, Austin, and Rikishi. She also mentioned Madusa/Alundra Blayze.

Austin: How did your first tryout didn’t workout? 

Paige: She said she couldn’t bush her hair or do her own makeup properly. She said she hated the way she dressed and was not confident. She said she was timid and passive. She said she busted the lip of her opponent open during the tryout match because she was so nervous. She said she was told maybe she could come back once she had more confidence.

Austin: What happen in the second tryout? 

Paige: She came back the next time and decided to be herself. She said Jamie Noble and Goldust ran the tryout. Paige spoke about her early run in NXT and how it was difficult at times for her to get along with the girls because they assumed things about her and didn’t try to get to know and they were afraid to work with her. She recalled hitting Summer Rae in the cheek with a shoulder tackle.

Austin: How would you describe the Paige character? 

Paige: She says her idea was to be the anti-diva. She wanted to stand out and be different like Bull Nakano or Lita. She took some of the things for her mom’s style and then let Dusty Rhodes influence her.

Austin: How much did Dusty Rhodes mean to you? 

Paige: She says that Dusty kept her sane and that fans don’t know how tough the business is. She moved across the world at 18, and the other girls were mean to her, but Dusty was there to help her. Cody always told her that Dusty loved his broken toys to fix and Paige was one of those. Dusty would always talk about the need to save money. Paige does that now and Austin is happy she has figured that out at age 23. She tells a story with a decent Dusty impression about how he didn’t want her to talk during a promo. All she got to say was once sentence, and he told her that he asked for chicken dinner and she gave him chicken shit. She was shocked by it, but Dusty would always make her do extra promos like pretending she was in love with Roman Reigns. She talks about how Dusty would bring tough love, but in the end it was because he wanted the best for her.

Austin: How do you tackle promos? 

Paige: She says that she never knew how to tell a story with her promos. They show still pics of her passing out flyers and photos of her with her parents. She talks about how she got hit by a car one day. She drug herself home, and her dad asked her if she could wiggle her toes and when she said yes, he told her to get ready as they had a show to do. Damn! He also made her tear down the ring and set it back up the next day.

Austin: Your thoughts on Cena going through the match with a broken nose? Also how did you learn about toughness? 

Paige: She said good for him. She said it’s awesome and he’s old school. She said she looks at it the same way. She recalled Daniel Bryan wanting to do the same and not being allowed to. She spoke about having a broken wrist and being knocked out and still continuing through matches when she was younger.

Austin: How was it working with your mother? 

Paige: She says that if she would rush, her mom would deck her. She would do the same to other girls when she got to FCW and they told her she needed to stop.

Austin: Why do you ask fans why they want your autograph? 

Paige: She says that she has a self confidence issue outside the ring. She says there are so many famous and beautiful people out there and she is just a small girl from a small town. She was given great advice by The Rock as she told her to remain humble

Austin: He tells her she has a chance to step back and realize what she is doing and how powerful what she doing is to her fans. She says the message she always wants to give is to be yourself.

Austin: How was it working with Triple H down in WWE NXT? 

Paige: She says that he is a huge influence on her. She had a period where she was in a car accident, money was stolen from her bank account, and her dog was hit by a car, but HHH helped her get through. She was the first NXT Diva’s champion and she puts over Emma.

Austin: Did you start the Divas Revolution? 

Paige: She puts over HHH for making the push to give them a chance in NXT. She also gives credit to AJ Lee even though she didn’t get a chance to wrestle as much on the main roster at first, but by being different it gave others a chance. She gives Sara Del Ray a ton of credit, along with Finlay and Malenko for training the girls in NXT. It was a group effort and it started with HHH pushing the idea and the trainers and girls running with it. She tells some road stories and Austin runs a story of him and Regal being in England together. She talks about how basic and low key things were.

Austin: Are you enjoying life? 

Paige: She tells her friends and family that she has to have a life outside wrestling. She takes just random trips with her two days off just to feel normal.

Austin: Where does she want to be in 10 years? 

Paige: She is rather young and has a lot of time left. She says she that she has to improve as some days she feels she knows what she is doing and what she wants to do, but other days she questions herself. Austin says that she had to be light years ahead of the others in NXT just because she was brought up in the business. She says her biggest learning curve was all the people in the arena. To her even 1800 people seems like a lot as her dad taught her that if even two people are in the crowd you need to give them a show for spending their money.

Austin: Let’s talk about Tough Enough! Austin says he likes the show. He does feel they are trying to cram too much in one show, but he likes the live dynamic. He knows it is a different show than the one he did in 2011, but he has enjoyed what he has seen

Paige: She says that was the way she was raised in the business. She showed tough love on Sara Lee because she wanted to get some personality out of her. She calls Sara Lee boring and that she was only getting by on the popularity vote.

Austin: He applauds her for being hard, but also fair on the show. He says he would rather have the truth spit to him then someone sugar coating things.What happen with the Patrick thing and how did you feel about getting heat from his elimination? 

Paige: She brings up the Patrick ordeal and she says he had an ego. The whole point of that episode was humility and she wanted to teach him a little.She says she didn’t expect him to get bounced, and then she was shocked at the backlash she got. She puts the blame on the fans for not saving him if they were that upset. She says the biggest mistake has been Mada being eliminated. She says he stood out, and that Amanda should not have been saved because The Miz thought she was hot.

Austin: How she meet Daniel Bryan? 

Paige: She met him in 2003 when she was only 11 years old. She did 3 matches in one day, and Bryan introduced himself to everyone. He walked in on her dad and brother holding a guy by his ankles out a window. That turns into talk about her brothers and uncles being protective of her. They would give her garbage bags to her and tell her to give to any boyfriends and let them know if they messed up with her they would end up in the bag. Her brother punched a guy out once and another brother beat a guy with ice from a pond. She never got to have fun, but she admits to missing all of them now. She says her one brother is sick and is in a mental home, but he is doing well now.

Austin: What do you drink?

Paige: She says she drinks whiskey and beer. She rattles off all the different beers she likes and covers the whiskey as well.

Paige: She said she wants to make the WWE Hall of Fame someday.

Austin: He said they thought they lost the crowd at Ford Field because of the sound in the building. What’s going on Tough Enough tomorrow? 

Paige: They are heading back to Tough Enough after the interview. She closed by saying she doesn’t know what will happen now that The Miz is on the show

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