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NJPW G1 Climax 2015: Week 3 Results

Tuesday, August 4

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Hirooki Goto

At this stage in the G1, the wrestlers bodies are beginning to feel the pangs of working nearly every night of the week.  Yes, the tag matches that start the shows are good for a decent rest, but wrestling is wrestling, and these guys aren’t getting much of a break.  Nakamura–sporting a heavily wrapped elbow–created a target for Goto to attack–and Goto attacked, attacked some more, and then attacked some more.   I’ve always wondered if working over a real injury in a match was good for said injury, or exacerbating to it, but I would assume the latter.

Nakamura got his ass kicked for the better part of this match.  Which makes sense, being that Goto recently won the Intercontinental title from him.  But despite Nakamura being solidly put away after receiving Goto’s brutal finisher twice, he was able to–after a lengthy struggle–submit Goto with the spinning arm breaker.

Beautifully executed–plus Nakamura finally finished someone with that great looking arm bar.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Wednesday, August 5

Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi

The Naito saga continues, and it seems like he keeps finding new ways to make everyone hate him. I wasn’t sure how Kota Ibushi would handle Naito’s shenanigans, and he didn’t, really.  Ibushi minded Red Shoes orders, but he could only put up with so much before trying to kick Naito in the head.

Ibushi is someone I would love to see win this tournament, and someone that potentially could, as well.  I was shocked and disappointed to see Naito get the win, but they’re putting a spotlight on him, so I guess it shouldn’t have been that much of a shock.

I’ve written it before, and I’ll write it again–this Naito heel turn is weird, but I like it.  Also, will someone get Red Shoes a vacation?  The little guy gets wailed on every match he referees.

Ibushi vs. Naito wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was fun. I can only hope that Ibushi will go far in this tournament.

Winner: Kota Ibushi

Friday, August 7

Kazuchika Okada vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Okada has turned into quite the cocky IWGP champion, which was exemplified in his match with Ishii on Friday.  Through the early portions, despite the static camera angle, Okada’s face portrayed someone unbothered by his opponent.  He taunted and toyed with Ishii, refusing to see him as a threat.

That attitude began to fade, though, when Ishii was able to turn the tables, delivering quite the beating to Okada.  How do you mentally prepare yourself to take elbows thrown that hard?

The final stages of this match were fantastic, featuring an abundance of creative counters (the double rainmaker reversal to head-butt especially), as well as the closest near falls humanly possible.  Okada nailed a German suplex that could rival any ever performed, then capped it off with a rainmaker elbow for the win.  I was going to skip it, but I’m glad I was too lazy to grab my iPad and turn it off–great work by both men.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

Saturday, August 8

Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. AJ Styles

Styles was not only up against a bull of a competitor in Tenzan, but a luxurious, blonde, streaked mullet, as well.  Styles–in his late 30’s now–is reaching his peak, and he has become a proven draw to any card he graces.  AJ’s matches have been must see throughout this years tournament, and this match with Tenzan could easily fit into that category, as well.

Despite Tenzan’s formidability as an opponent–as well as his luscious mullet–Aj managed to shine like he always does.   This was a great clash of styles (heh…), with both men bringing a lot to the table.  Oh yeah, AJ Styles is a very, very good wrestler.

Winner: AJ Styles

Sunday, August 9th

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tomoaki Honma

The weekend shows are generally the best shows–this is mostly due to the higher production value.  It’s incredible how much the commentary team adds to the matches, despite being called completely in Japanese, the shows really lack something without them.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Nakamura and Honma.  Both men have notoriously big personalities, which resulted in some great comedy spots– Nakamura’s own version of the Kokeshi head-butt in particular–but the match didn’t sacrifice pure strong style for comedy on any level.

Honma comes off, at times, as a simple comedy character, but he was able to hang with Nakamura in a very competitive match.  The Honma head-butt is great, but he can bring a lot more to the table than just that.  Go out of your way for this one–both men really shined.

Current Standings going into the final week of the G1 Climax…

A Block

AJ [10] Fale [10] Naito [10] Tanahashi [10] Shibata [8] Ibushi [6] Makabe [6] Yano [4] Gallows [2] Tenzan [2]

B Block

Okada [12] Goto [10] Karl [10] Nakamura [10] Elgin [8] Ishii [8] Kojima [4] Nagata [4] Yujiro [4] Honma [0]

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