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Wrestling Fix: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s cause of death, full NXT Brooklyn lineup, Mick Foley calls for Divas pipebomb and more

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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper died from a heart attack due to a blood clot in his lungs. [TMZ]

Triple H announced the full NXT Takeover: Brooklyn card.

Baron Corbin has threats for Samoa Joe.

WWE and WWN/Evolve may still be discussing some type of working relationship. [ProWrestling.net]

Mick Foley is calling for the WWE women to drop a “pipebomb” after the Minneapolis crowd chanted for Brock Lesnar during the Sasha Banks-Nikki Bella match on Raw.Foley wrote:

We can’t just gradually be SHOWN the revolution. WE can’t have the revolution EXPLAINED to us. We need one of the participants to make us FEEL it. We NEED that promo that perfectly captures the time and place, the pride and passion of this revolution. We NEED a CM Punk pipebomb. We NEED that “Austin 3;16 says I just whipped your ass” moment, that Dusty Rhodes “Hard Times” promo – something that hammers home the point to even the densest, drunkest members of the ‪#‎WWEUniverse‬ that times have changed – and chanting for anyone – even if it is a returning hometown hero like Brock Lesnar – while women are working their asses off to entertain them is not just disrespectful, but unacceptable.

As a wrestling fan, I was embarrassed. As a friend of both participants in the match, I was hurt. [Mick Foley Facebook]

Foley’s comedy set apparently could end up on a “major cable network.”

Just Brock Lesnar, the smiley security guard at ESPN.


The Beast Incarnate says Vince McMahon is a better promoter than Dana White.

Paul Heyman explains how he keeps Lesnar happy, what the future holds for Seth Rollins, and his thoughts on the current WWE roster. [CBS Sports]

Main Event spoilers are here. [ProWrestling.net]

SmackDown spoilers go here. [ProWrestling.net]

Raw‘s top 10 moments.

Darren Young wouldn’t mind if his character came out as gay.

I'm happy with Darren Young and where he stands in the company at present. Even though my character isn't gay, I'm still able to express myself in other ways like when I put my arms up into an equal sign. That's my signature pose and it symbolizes what Darren Young is all about. I'm here, and I do what I do to show everyone that we are all equal. Gay, straight, male, female, whatever your race, if you work hard and stay focused, you can make it to the big leagues! As a proud gay man in the WWE, I've always thought my success was entirely due to my skills as an entertainer and wrestler. It had nothing to do with my personal life. This said, I wouldn't mind if my character turned gay if it's for the sake of having an intriguing yet tasteful storyline, but I wouldn't do that switch if the reason is "just to have a gay character". #blockthehate #spreadtheword #passalong

A photo posted by Darren Young (@fredarren) on

WWE stars love Chipotle. [GQ]

SyFy has canceled Haven, which featured “Edge” Adam Copeland. [The Wrap]

Vince McMahon (or, really, whomever tweets for him) tweeted Heidi Klum.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts sounds like he’s headed for hip surgery.

Big E is creepin’ on JoJo.

Tanner gets sent home.


New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Voices of Wrestling recaps the G-1 Climax Series and where NJPW is headed now.


Kurt Angle talks forgiveness and why anger turned him to alcohol abuse. [KurtAngleBrand.com]


New Jack has retired. [Grantland]

Speaking of New Jack, the Big Lead tries to get to the bottom of the ECW reference in Weezer’s “El Scorcho.” [The Big Lead]


Get to know Soldier Ant’s moves.

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