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Wrestling Fix: WWE Night of Champions recaps, Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar in Hell in a Cell, Sting injured and more

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WWE Night of Champions is in the books. The Between the Ropes crew of Brian Fritz, Michael Wiseman and myself break down the card and talk about where WWE goes from here, including the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar rubber match at/inside Hell in a Cell.

As we discussed on last night’s post-game show, Sting may have been legitimately injured in his match with Seth Rollins. That seems to be the case, according to the Wrestling Observer, which reported: “The early reports we have is that the injury was significant,” and Dave Meltzer says it’s believed to be an injury to his neck. [Wrestling Observer]

We’re headed to hell with Brock Lesnar, culminating in Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker. He’ll also be on the go-home show of the Stone Cold Podcast.

On to Night of Champions results … Dolph Ziggler gets an assist from Summer Rae in the win, and he may be stealing her heart.

Charlotte is the new Divas Champion, and she celebrated with her father, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Triple H is celebrating with Charlotte, Naitch and Steph.

Chris Jericho was the mystery member of team Shield.

Jericho may have a new (or old) attitude.

The Shield-Wyatts war rages on, but Dean Ambrose may be headed for a feud with “glory hound” Y2J.

Kevin Owens takes the Intercontinental Championship from Ryback.

The Kliq loves Owens.

The Dudleys get a DQ win, but there’s no joy in Dudleyville.

The Champ is here, again. Sell those T-shirts, John.

Kane is back, and he appears to be in the main-event picture.

Seth Rollins ended the night at WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Crossfit Cowboy celebrated with a photo with Wale.


Legends with JBL, a new WWE Network interview series, debuts tonight after Raw. The first guest: Erich Bischoff.

Here’s a preview.

Also coming to the Network, Breaking Ground, a reality show about WWE Developmental. It debuts October 26 (the night after Hell in a Cell, and presumably right after Raw).

Rob Schamberger must be a hugger. His latest champions painting is Bayley and all of the wacky wavving inflatable arm flailing tube men!

Could Carlito be coming back to WWE? MLW Radio says he may be chomping on apples in the E soon. [MLW Radio]

CM Punk and A.J. Lee areĀ  co-starring in a post-apocalyptic movie called Hellstorm. [MBN NewsVideoWeb]

Here’s 16-bits of awesomeness. NWO invasion/Rey Mysterio lawn darting, ECW Arena ring getting bombarded with chairs, Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ cobra biting “Macho Man” Randy Savage and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Zamboni ride to attack Mr. McMahon.

See the full animations here. [Wrestling Arcade]

Justin Credible is retiring. [Wrestling Inc]

The Vaudevillains defend the NXT Tag Team Titles on the next NXT.


Drew Galloway is Bound for Glory.

Bob Ryder says TNA is just fine despite poorly attended house shows and a canceled TV show. Do you believe him? [Disqus]

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