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Wrestling Fix: Daniel Bryan seeking a third doctor’s opinion, WrestleMania tickets go on sale soon, Raw recaps and more

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WWE’s doctor won’t clear Daniel Bryan to wrestle after the Goat Faced Killah suffered a concussion. However, Bryan’s doctor has cleared him. He’s headed for a third opinion that will determine his WWE in-ring fate. If it doesn’t work out in Bryan’s favor, he’d go back to the indies and he wants to do a hair vs. mask match in Mexico. He also discussed more about his future plans, including possibly becoming a commentator. [IGN]

Noted Chicago Cubs fan (and Between the Ropes proprietor) Brian Fritz talks Raw with Michael Wiseman.

Brock Lesnar destroys Big Show.

The Shield and Randy Orton battled the Wyatts.

Seth Rollins vs. Kane at Hell in a Cell now has higher stakes: If Kane loses, he’s no longer director of operations.

The Sheamus push continues.

Natty takes it to Paige.

Becky Lynch breaks down Natty vs. Paige.

Charlotte is confident headed into her title defense.

Sasha Banks taps out Alicia Fox.

Kevin Owens kills Sin Cara.

Stephanie McMahon scolds the New Day.

The Dudleys get rough with Kane and Seth Rollins.

Summer Rae proposed to Ru-Ru.

John Cena adjusted Big E’s attitude.

WrestleMania travel packages go on sale October 13. Need more info? Here’s the FAQ. [WWE]

WrestleMania 32 tickets go on sales Friday, November 6. [WWE]

Rumors! Vince McMahon is said to be “micro-managing every decision” since ratings have begun to slip. [Cageside Seats]

Where’s Cesaro? Banished to Superstars. [Wrestling Inc]

It’s unlikely John Cena’s time off is about marrying Nikki Bella. [Wrestling Inc]

Ex-TNA wrestler Gunner says he’s had discussions with WWE. [Channel Guide]

Adam Rose says “poop.”

We’re a day away from the 30-minute Iron Woman Match.

The latest WWE 24 focuses on NXT.

Hulk Hogan is doing Ric Flair’s podcast.

October is breast cancer awareness month, and WWE is going pink again.

CM Punk speaks out against Susan G. Komen.

Speaking of Punk, he’s been sidelined with a shoulder injury. His trainer, Duke Rufus, also believes Punk is six to 10 months away from being ready to fight with the best opportunity at UFC 200 on July 9, 2016. [Wrestling Observer]


Ethan Carter III has acquired an injunction against Matt Hardy that keeps the new heavyweight champion off TNA TV.

Remember that major announcement Dixie Carter was going to make? She’s headed to India. [Wrestling Observer]


Ring of Honor
Get ready for ACH vs. Matt Sydal on ROH TV.

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