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Wrestling Fix: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks headlines tonight’s NXT Takeover, Triple H answers your Twitter questions today

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Tonight! Sasha Banks vs. Bayler for the NXT Women’s Championship in a 30-minute Iron Man Match headlines a live NXT Takeover special on the WWE Network. Respect!

Triple H answers your questions today on Twitter.

Randy Orton and Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt headlines SmackDown. Spoilers ahead! [Wrestling Observer]

If you missed Raw — and the ratings say many of you did — catch up with the top 10 moments.

Rumors or somewhat facts! Lita is now working with WWE in a creative role. A John Cena return could be a Christmas present for wrestling fans. Hideo Itami should be back by the end of the year. More rumors at Cageside Seats.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is not boycotting WrestleMania 32.

Is WWE’s main-roster “variety-show” approach hurting Raw? PW Torch explains why the biggest show in wrestling many not be connecting with viewers. [PW Torch]

Wrestling writer Bill Apter tells Chris Jericho that he believes Chris Benoit didn’t kill Nancy Benoit and his son Daniel in a murder-suicide. Apter believes Benoit was murder in a mob-style hit and the crime scene was staged. [Wrestling Inc]

The Lita-Trish Stratus feud was something special during the Attitude Era.

Nick pickup for the Cosmic Wasteland.

Mattel showed off some new WWE toys at last weekend’s Ringside Fest in New York City. Included in the reveals: a Heenan Family four-pack and new figures of Kevin Nash, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Sycho Sid, the British Bulldog, Sami Zayn, Umaga, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, IRS, Tyson Kidd and many more.

Someone has a very understanding future bride. Wooooo!


Matt Hardy, who won the TNA Heavyweight Championship Sunday at Bound for Glory, has already forfeited the belt in storyline. Why? Eh, even with Matt explaining, I’m not sure why.

Serial cable-network dater TNA may have a new partner in 2016. Which network? Could it be WGN? [Wrestling Inc]

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