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John Cena Will Be This Week’s WWE Guest on ESPN SportsCenter

Last week, WWE began a new partnership with ESPN SportsCenter with a featured WWE superstar appearing on the show every Tuesday night.

The first guest was WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Today, Jonathan Coachman has announced who will be making the appearance on “the mothership” this week.

The weekly segment will feature The Coach talking with a WWE superstar and if it’s anything like the first week with Rollins, some of the answers will be in character and some won’t be as well as a rundown of the top match and one-liner from the latest edition of Raw.

While it’s good exposure for WWE (despite only being on ESPN 2), hopefully there will be more to this rather than just finding out what is going on between Rollins and Kane or other storylines.

Something like this sitdown between Coach and Rollins would seem much more interesting to the audience that would be watching. And we’ll see what we get out of John Cena this week and see if he mentions taking time off following this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell.

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